Her last 4 EP albums were top of all Beatport releases as well as their respective genre category.  No other female electronic artist can say the same.   Amy is the consummate musician-DJ, where all styles are engaged within her epic journey sets which leave you feeling that this electronica artiste is the only of this current generation to deliver the same satiation as it did for those listening to Paul Oakenfold in the late 90's, or to the esteemed duo, Sasha and Digweed.  In the current context of female DJs solely representing the one, often misnomered genre of "techno" and dark loopy electronica, Amy separates herself by bringing back transcendence, soul, music knowledge, history of music and house music in specific, and above all inspiration to her sets and sounds -  a feat that only perhaps the top five DJs in the world who can be truly monikered as SUPERSTAR DJs have achieved.  There has never been an all-around consummate femme MUSIC DJ, across all genres of electronica as well as music in general, to engage tracks from Beethoven to New Order to Three Drives on a Vinyl all within one live set, carefully placing them intelligently within her work, as only ever delivered by the Superstar Greats like Tenaglia, or Oakenfold, or Digweed.  This is she, and it is time to give opportunity for one to reinvent and redeem what once was of the house/electronic dance floor that brought all people together - inspiring all on the same wavelength and platform -  instead of dividing the dancefloor as what IS of the current milieu of divisive, SUB-sub genre parties that entice only specific groups of people for different reasons other than what these festivals and club events were originally intended for -  MUSIC.   

Along with the art of deejaying,  this (birthplace of house music) Chicago native, also redeems the actual technique of deejaying, where she never uses computer programs like RecordBox or Traktor to mix.  Actual beatmatching by ear from this vinyl-trained, or current thumbdrive CDJ mixing artist.  The only computer programs she engages are in the studio, thereby never separating herself from her audience during a performance.  Only FULL engagement between DJ and audience is rendered.  In addition, Amy - as a classically trained opera singer at one of the top university music programs of the world -  spontaneously sings and harmonizes LIVE on her monolithic sets, thereby imbuing more transcendence and soul upon the electronic genre.  It is indeed a sight and sound!
Current manager is the esteemed music mogul Steven Machat, who fomented the careers of the late Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, and managed icons like the Rolling Stones, Genesis, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Bobby Brown and many more! She has headlined events for Milan and London Fashion Weeks, the Cannes Film Festival, major festivals and concerts around the globe, top posh discotheques, as well as the seminal clubs known for the best international DJ acts in the world such as Sankeys Ibiza, Cat and the Dog Tel Aviv, Gewolbe Cologne, Ultra and Winter Music Conference, BPM Music Festival, IDMA/ Miami Music Week and on.  No other artist can play all genres and styles of events as effortlessly as this true musician-DJ.